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Boutter et.al. paper supplementary

List of selected features

Every feature value was measured both on the detected cell and the surrounding region using CellProfiler. For detailed explanation see [1] and [2].


Intensity features

  • Integrated Intensity
  • Mean Intensity
  • Std Intensity
  • Min Intensity
  • Max Intensity
  • IntegratedIntensity Edge
  • MeanIntensity Edge
  • StdIntensity Edge
  • MinIntensity Edge
  • MaxIntensity Edge
  • Mass Displacement

Texture (Haralick) features

  • Angular second moment
  • Contrast
  • Correlation
  • Variance
  • Inverse difference moment
  • Sum average
  • Sum variance
  • Sum entropy
  • Entropy
  • Difference variance
  • Difference entropy
  • Info meas 1-2
  • Gabor X&Y



[1] Carpenter, A. E.; Jones, T. R.; Lamprecht, M. R.; Clarke, C.; Kang, I. H.; Friman, O.; Guertin, D. A.; Chang, J. H.; Lindquist, R. A.; Moffat, J.; et al. CellProfiler: Image Analysis Software for Identifying and Quantifying Cell Phenotypes. Genome Biol. 2006, 7(10), R100.

[2] Haralick. Textural Features for Image Classification. IEEE Transaction on Systems Man, Cybernetics, 1973














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